Lai Mohammed reveals that the money recovered by the FG is intact

Lai Mohammed, Minister of Information, Culture and Tourism, has an answer to the current status of all the money recovered from corrupt persons by the Federal Government, saying that it is all intact.

He further said that the recovered funds would be used for infrastructural and social development, adding that the Federal Government had set up an asset recovery committee to ensure that the money recovered from individuals and organisations were returned to the Ministry of Finance.

The minister, who spoke in Umuahia, the Abia State capital, on Monday during a town hall meeting with and the inaugutration of “The Change Begins With Me Campaign,” pointed out that the recent whistle-blower policy introduced by the Federal Government had facilitated looted funds recovery.

He assured Nigerians that nobody could loot any money recovered from looters under the watch of President Muhammadu Buhari.

He said government was committed to keeping its promise that certain percentage of any money recovered would go to the person that supplied the information that would lead to the recovery of stolen money.

The minister blamed the high cost of commodities in the country on corruption, pointing out that there was no economy that would experience the level of looting in Nigeria without having prices of goods and services shoot up.

He said, “If one person was found with almost $10 million in an uncompleted building, another one was found with $136 million in a fake account and another one was also found with N7 billion, all this through the whistle-blower policy, and money that were meant for infrastructural development and services; that is why you cannot do anything about the economy without fighting corruption.”

Na wa for this country O!

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