Win a Valentine date with the beautiful SOS Face Nkechi Okafor on February 14th

Valentine’s day is getting close! And you can be the lucky person to win an all-expenses paid Valentine date with the beautiful (very beautiful) SOS Face Nkechi Okafor!

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How do you win?

Just scroll below this page to the comment section and comment something romantic, giving Nkechi reasons why she should make you her Valentine date.

Turn her on with your flattering words and sweet poetic writing, and you will win!

Nkechi Okafor/Instagram

IMPORTANT: Please while commenting below, add your email in the space where emails are to be filled so that Nkechi can easily contact, email and call you (she will also send you her number 😉 ) to share details of where to secretly meet her for the all-expenses paid Valentine date if she gets to choose you.

Nkechi Okafor/Instagram

On Valentine’s day, February 14th, Nkechi gets to pick only one of the comments she likes the most as her Val! It could be you!

Nkechi Okafor/Instagram

Why should our SOS Face Nkechi Okafor make you her Val on February 14th? Comment below:

62 comments on “Win a Valentine date with the beautiful SOS Face Nkechi Okafor on February 14th”

  1. Nkechi come to my banana island mansion let’s have a good time together, i’m into oil business and i own assets worth millions of dollars both in nigeria and USA, if you are interested holla at me..

  2. sos next time u do this pls add like 3 sos faces with nkechi. add those hot babes like fanti, iphy, bidemi so that 4 lucky fans can go on a valentine date with them. just saying. It’s not fair that 1 person out of all of us gets to enjoy. sos take note

  3. Nkechi needs a guy like me, working class earning 300k, own my house, own my car, no babymama in my life, am a well focused man living single in chevron. I like food, I like daylight fun because I love my sleep. I am funny and romantic at the same time, so valentines day will be fun with me.

  4. I’ve never imagined that there can be this day,
    A day that love will find its way,
    Out of my heart and into your soul,
    These feelings I have are beyond my control,
    All my life I have waited patiently,
    For a goddess like you, so beautiful, so lovely,
    Words can’t express the way I feel,
    These feelings towards you are all for real,
    I will be your first and you will be my last,
    My world, my everything, till my time has past,
    Please be my Valentine, and more;
    Be my life, my world, my all;
    Together we can be content,
    And share life’s pleasures, big and small.

  5. No man can give you as much love as I can give you. I am the only man who will make you feel like you are the only girl in the world. Watch and see what will happen if you choose me. Our first 5 minutes alone will make you accept that I am the man meant for you. Nkechi choose me. My name is Gabriel.

  6. No need to lie like others here. See I have a 7’1 inch dick to satisfy you. If you are bad like that hit me up with my email

  7. Is it money, looks, good sex, good loving, baby i garrit. I garrit baby, come let me give you the blessing of life in one night with a bad guy like me

  8. My gosh this girl is so pretty. am having a girl crush on nkechi right now. no homo but why arent girls allowed to comment and win a date with nkechi? sos fix this shit

  9. See comments everywhere. Ugo your blog wil soon be the baddest blog in nigeria. Very very soon. Just continue giving us news and fine babes like nkechi. An shoutout to my baddest sos faces like may osama n her sister iphy cutest babes ever

  10. I have been following on IG n steady liking your pics. U dont follow me bt at least pick me as your date on valentine. Nkechi all am asking for is a little opportunity to put my love inside you. If you allow me I swear u will never feel the same in your life. Plss. I love you nkechi

  11. You need a man who will take you to the alter immediately after valentines day. Ignore other comments here, my name is Vincent and I am ready for marriage. choose me

  12. Nkechi, your name stands for —->
    N-> NICE (You’re nicely created)
    K-> KINETIC (your looks possess kinetic energy, it moves me)
    E-> ENCHANTRESS (your beauty is magic, am enchanted)
    C-> CLASSY (the most classy sos face ever, ask around)
    H-> HEAVENLY (you are heaven sent, my angel)
    I-> IDEAL (you are one word, “perfection”)

    am on IG too. Follow me if you care to meet someone better, cos I care to win this date wit u.

  13. Nkechi I think there will be no man good enough for you except meI will be your lover. I will be your pal. I will be your closest person to your heart because I have what it takes to be the man for you. Make the right choice by picking no other person but me.

  14. The annoying thing is that these fuck boys who are busy commenting here have girlfriends at home. Wonders shall never end

    1. @adanne and so. Wetin consign u? Yes yes I get babe for house. Bt I still want Nkechi. Na your business? Abi e de pain you say sos no pick you instead of nkechi? Go sit down plss.

    1. Nkechi needs a man like me tht wil give her the highest form of satisfaction………… email me plss baby

  15. Here Is My Heart, I give it to you,
    It Is Yours So Take It, Treat It Gently,
    Please Do Not Break It.
    It’s Full Of Love That’s Good And True,
    So Please Keep It Always Close To U.
    Happy valentine’s day, SWEET.

  16. Rubbish comments. These guys are just swet talkers. Baby gel, I cant say much. Just pick me, let me do some action

  17. There a 7 continents in the world, but you are making it 8 continents because your beauty is like the total of all the women in a continent. Nkechi you are BEAUTIFULLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL TOO MUCH. I only wish you pick me

  18. When I was little, I read stories about Princesses,
    beautiful and fragile, innocent and charming.
    You remind me of one such princess, my dear,
    Your almond shaped eyes, bewitching and intriguing… a window to my soul,
    Your smile…charming and alluring, with it you spread your cheer all around and I’m captivated.
    Fragile as you are, still you’re strong,
    Innocent as you are, still you’re an enigma.
    Girl, you are no less than an angel to me,
    and all i can do is hope you can fill my life with happiness and glee.
    I (will) love you! Happy Vals beautiful.


  19. This is the honest truth from a man to a Queen, there’s nothing I would write that you haven’t heard already… but i would stand on the longest queue, just for the pleasure of a moment with you… happy Valentine’s day in advance

    1. My guy go stand for UBA atm machine for douglas road owerri. After 5 hrs of waiting, U go edit this ur comment.

  20. Hey beautiful,
    haven’t ever done anything like this but it seems like fun. So pick me, I can bet you’ll laugh through the date and make a new friend. Did I mention that I take amazing photos, your Instagram needs a pros touch. Lol.

    1. Who photographer hep? Nkechi shine your eyes. These comments are made by wolves who visit sos blog everyday.

  21. No need. See ehn, let me pay for the date. Sos am ready to sponsor this date and pay her too. Ugo send this babe my number fast

  22. I dont mind making you my valentine bcoss you are the most beautiful babe I have seen right now. If these pictures are real, then you are themost be

    1. I dont want to talk too much. I will wire 200k to your account. Tell ugo that you want Walexy. 200k first then we will meet anywhere you want. just tell the admin of sos ugo.

  23. I just hammered last week. Come let me spoil my money on u forget any other nigga comment. I fixed my email 2 so holla

    1. If you hammered money. Who cares? Is this how you want to toast such a pretty girl lik ma friend nkechi? Sos pls delete dumb comments like this holarewaju.

  24. You are Gods creation, and a stunning damsel like you needs a man who has the fear of God and appreciates his creation to love you in the right way. My name is Daniel and if you want to know more about me you can ask the owner of sos blog Ugo he is my colleague. I am looking forward to hear from you

  25. Sos last year u didnt pick me. So this year if I dont get picked na thunder go fire all of una
    Nkechi am a nice nice guy. I wl do you rite if u pick me. Am ibo too, so tribe is not an issue

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